Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. It isn't much, but I like to call it home. This site is here mostly for myself, family, and friends. It is a convenient place to keep photos, favorite links, wish lists, and information about what I've been up to recently.

About the webmaster

She's really quite normal, which (fortunately) is a relative term. She's twenty-something, of slightly above-average height and intelligence, with hazel eyes and medium-length, medium brown hair. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and is most of the way towards completing the requirements for a Masters of Science in Human Factors Engineering (i.e. ergonomics, usability). Currently she is working part time at a large Information Technology company (writing and maintaining design standards for their internal web) while working on her Master's thesis.

She enjoys web design, reading, writing, music, movies and costuming. She is a huge fan of Star Wars and Garfield and loves unicorns, dolphins, and elephants. She has played the piano and handbells since she was 10, though she has not found a new handbell choir since graduating from Purdue and leaving the Purdue Handbell Choir. She is also looking to buy a piano, and hopes to do so in the near future.

Finally, she is very shy, a bit of a dork with a habit for speaking in the third-person, and is absolutely terrible at keeping in close contact with friends and family. She and her fiancé reside in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. They welcome you to contact them at any time by email (there is a contact link in the navigation menu), LiveJournal (see Blogs), phone, mail, or carrier pigeon.

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