While I was never any good at keeping a diary or journal (I tried numerous times in my youth), I found that after I graduated from college I was almost as bad at keeping in touch with friends and family. Then one day the internet came to my rescue - the day I found (November 23, 2003). This free, easy to use service became a second home, and is the most wonderful way of keeping in touch with many of my most favorite people around the world.

If you are interested in keeping track of what my husband and I are up to, here are the links to our personal online journals - often referred to as blogs. Please stop on by, and if you have a LiveJournal yourself, please friend us so we can keep up with your life as well! If you don't have a LiveJournal - why the heck not? It's free, and not only will you be able to leave personal comments for us and keep your own journal, but once we know your account ID we can give you access to all of our private, restricted access posts as well.

In the shadow of the forest
Tia's personal online journal. Updated regularly. Many posts are restricted access, and available to "friends" only. Accounts are free, so please create an account and let me know so I can add you to the filter. (Warning - not all posts will be what one might consider 'intellectually stimulating'.)
Mental Notes
Stephen's project journal.

How to create your own free LiveJournal account

Some entries in our journals will have restricted access. These entries contain personal or private info that we would love to share with family and friends, but don't want the world at large to have access to. (There are a lot of crazies out there you know!) In order to read these entries, you will need to register for a free account at, and log-in before visiting our journals (or reading your Friend's Page, if you are familiar with LiveJournal).

For those not familiar with LiveJournal, the following steps will help you set up an account:

  1. Visit and create a free account. For privacy reasons, we suggest choosing a creative username that does not include your real name (i.e. christmasjedi, sajuka, duneland14). Likewise, you probably don't want to put your full name in the "Name" field, as that is always publicly viewable. First names only or nick names work great.
  2. Read through the Personal Profile and Viewing Options, including "Show your contact information on your LiveJournal?" and check the box beside "Minimize your journal's inclusion in search engine results" to prevent Google from crawling and indexing your information and journal posts.
  3. Add sajuka and christmasjedi to your Friends list. This will enable you to read all our recent posts from your journal's Friends page ( (That's right - all of your friends' posts, all on one page!) You can also click on a user name to be taken directly to that journal.
  4. Visit our personal journals and post a comment (or plant a flower, as the case may be) so that we can add your user account to our Friends list. This will allow you to read our restricted entries. In addition, if you make any posts to your journal, we will be able to see your posts on our Friends page. <-- This is the single best feature of LiveJournal!
  5. That's it! You will now be able to view all of your friends' posts on one page by visiting Just remember to log in beforehand, or you will not see restricted access posts. You can also still visit our journals directly, but again, make sure you log in first in order to see restricted access posts.

Family Blogs

Several members of our family also have personal blogs or websites.

In Search of Something
Michael's blog
Cleared for takeoff
Henry family homepage
The Bash family homepage
The Vogt family website
Mom D's Life
Linda's journal
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