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In the shadow of the forest
Tia's personal online journal. Updated regularly. Many posts are restricted access and available to "friends" only. Accounts are free, so please create an account and let me know so I can add you to the filter. For more information, see Blogs. (Warning - not all posts will be what one might consider 'intellectually stimulating'.)
Mental Notes
Stephen's project journal. Also contains many restricted access posts. For more information, see Blogs.

Other areas of our personal domain
The main site index for Updated whenever changes or updates are made to any of the hosted sites.
Photo Gallery
Our peronal photo gallery. Please note: Many albums are restricted to registered members only. If you are a friend or family, please register for an account. (This gallery is run by us on our server - you will get zero ads, spam, or other unwanted grief - we promise!) Also, most photos have been reduced in size from the originals. If you would like a higher resolution copy of any photos, just email me and ask.
First Echelon of Andudintir
Home of our Guild Wars guild. We welcome new recruits! This site is maintained by Braeden (Stephen).
Our Wedding Website
The wedding is over, but I haven't taken the website down yet. I'll get around to that eventually. Meanwhile, photos are in the photo gallery.

Essential lists

Tia's wish list
Stephen's wish list
DVDs we own
Video games we own
Books we own

Web design links

Star Wars Chicks
See Projects for more information.
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Markup Validators
Does your HTML and CSS code pass specs?
CSS Zen Garden
A fantastic demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.

Recommended links
An excellent online journal community, and one of the only ways I am able to keep in touch with friends and family.
The website hosting company for both Star Wars Chicks and Register for an account using this affiliate link to help support Star Wars Chicks and Breast Cancer Research.
The registrar I use to maintain and

Educational/Work related links

Purdue University
My alma mater
Tufts University
I will graduate as soon as I finish my thesis!

Family and Friends links

In Search of Something
Michael's blog
Cleared for takeoff
Henry family homepage
The Bash family homepage
The Vogt family website
Mom D's Life
Linda's journal
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